In the center of the universe, a great and primordial subconscious energy resides, where the most powerful beings emanate from, beings from Ancient History, Mythology, Present day and ACG converge against each other to reign supreme above the rest.
Different universes have collided. Multiple realities have been combined. Many special beings were born into one new world: DuelVerse.
These heroic creatures are moving freely now. They have powers which make them not only strong but very dangerous. That’s why we need you: A trainer that will collect, tame, and train them.
Stand up, choose your Hero, control your Minions and Magic Spells to defeat your enemies and establish order! There is no limit to your creativity, strategy and rewards in DuelVerse! The time has come to show who is the ultimate fighter, warrior of all times!


Play-to-earn is simply allowing gamers and gaming enthusiasts to increase the value of in-game assets by actively playing the game.

Players in this business model create value for the game developers and other players by participating in the in-game economy. As a reward for their participation, they are given in-game assets.


Unlike traditional games, DuelVerse gives you complete ownership over your cards and in-game items.

Collect rare cards, build stronger decks, win games, get new cards and sell cards to other players.

Game Structures


Players who buy, sell and collect NFT Hero, NFT cards.

They build decks, fight and win the enemies, rank up and earn coins. Each player can control multiple Heroes, choose a Hero to join the battle.

Players play to complete missions and archive Cards Package. It’s the way to train your skills and get more cards.
It’s also online mode, where you fight with people who have higher level than you. Your mission is winning as many as you can. It’s way to test your skills.
Players find other online players and fight with them, get experience points and up level. You can also push money to bet.
It’s a periodic time tournament (weekly, monthly, yearly) or voting tour with great prizes. Try your best, become the champion and get rewards.

What will make us


Culture and Game

By connecting Game and Culture, it will be easy to connect and spread players. Imagine what it would be like if a Chinese gamer got a Hero like Quanzu. And the same for those who are fans of Napoleon, Songoku, Naruto.
No borders, no restrictions on creativity, the number of cards that can be created is endless. As long as the culture has appeared on Earth, we will be able to bring it into the game.

NFT markets as Card Trading

Players can easily buy, sell and exchange Cards and Heroes. Many gamers after upgrading to the Legendary level of HearthStone game have thousands of different cards without being able to exchange them. This only helps to enrich the game publishers.
Fair Card Distribution:
- Game publisher can release Hero.
- Game publisher does not sell cards directly, but only sells them in random packs of different types of cards.

Road map


Launch of Duelverse Platform.

Hero and Cards Design release.

NFT Market Launch for Cards.

Buy/Sell NFT Cards.

Farming/Staking With NFT Cards.


Heroes, Minions and Spell Cards Designs finalized (Standard Cards).

Start of Community Card Design Competition.

Game Demo Launch With Quest mode.

More Token Listings.


Full Game Debut, with all modes playable.

1st Official DuelVerse Game Tournament with 100k$ Grand Prize.

Launch of 1st Duelverse Card Expansion set (More Cards added, More strategies added).


Monthly World Tour to be Organized.

Game upgraded with VR version and 3D Cards.

Release of Physical Collectible Cards.

Redistribution of Profits to holders and Duelverse Card Holders.

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